Motivação nunca foi problema!

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Kimi Raikkonen insists motivation has never been an issue for him, and reckons he drove some of his best races during his last year in Formula 1.
Raikkonen left the sport at the end of a difficult 2009 season and spent two years in the World Rally Championship.
The Finn is now returning to Formula 1 with Lotus, and says people questioning his motivation are simply wrong.
"There's always talk about my motivation, written by people who don't know me and couldn't have an idea on how strong my motivation is," said Raikkonen as his team unveiled its 2012 car.
"If I didn't feel I had the motivation, I would stop. My feeling is that I probably drove some of my best races in my last season in Formula 1 and I was very happy with my performance.
"I've never had any issues with motivation."
Raikkonen, the 2007 world champion, says he is not feeling pressure to win again as long as he feels he is giving his very best.
"I think people expect things from me, but as long as I know that I'm giving 100 per cent and I'm happy with my driving then I'm happy," he said. "If those aspects are true and it's not enough, then it's not enough."
The Finn will start testing Lotus's new car on Tuesday at Jerez.

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