Traffic Masks Kimi Räikkönen’s Pace in Budapest

After a hot day in Hungary our Iceman muses over new tyres, clear space on track and improvements to be wrought from the E21

How was your day?
It wasn’t ideal today but it wasn’t that bad either. We took a bit of time to understand the new tyres and it was also very hot. It’s too early to say if the heat will suit us with these new tyres but we’ll soon have a better idea. I had some traffic in the afternoon session so wasn’t able to set a fast lap on new tyres and we have some areas to improve with the setup. We’ll try to do the best that we can in qualifying and we’ll see where we are. If we get the car right we should be okay tomorrow.

Did you feel the squeeze when you came up on Jenson [Button] on your hot lap?
There was no incident. Obviously I was running a slightly different programme to some other drivers as we started our session slightly later. When that happens it’s hard to find some clear track to put in your fast lap but it doesn’t really matter; it’s not as if it’s qualifying.

How can the car be improved for tomorrow?
We had a bit too much understeer today, which is pretty normal for a Friday and there are a few other areas we can work on. It’s a little bit more tricky as we have to understand the new tyres, but it should be okay.

Is there much difference with the new tyres?
It’s hard to say as we’re driving in these hot conditions and we’re not comparing them with the old ones. There doesn’t seem to be an awful lot of difference; we just need to find the right setup.


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