Kimi Raikkonen expects to have several options for 2014 but won't rush final decision

Finn warns not to expect any imminent announcement on future

Kimi Raikkonen has admitted "there's no secret" that he is likely to have several options for 2014 but is adamant he has no intention to rush decisions on his future.

The former World Champion's prospective plans beyond the end of the season remain the hot topic of conversation in the early stages of the 2013 'silly season' with persistent speculation linking the Lotus driver to a Red Bull switch to partner Sebastian Vettel.
With Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz having previously fuelled the speculation, Raikkonen himself was quoted in the Italian media on Wednesday as suggesting he had "two" options for 2014.
Asked about that quote during his appearance in front of the international media ahead of the Monaco GP later on the same day, Raikkonen didn't deny the fact that he was likely to have multiple options for 2014 - but remained characteristically evasive over where and what he will be doing come 12 months' time, even reiterating a threat he made last year about the option of quitting F1 again altogether.
"I'm sure there are some options, there's no secret," Raikkonen told reporters.
"There is also the option that I don't drive anything because right now I have no [contractual] options, I don't have a contract, nothing. When I have and when I know what will happen I will tell [you] and it's as simple as that.
"But I'm sure it won't be the next race or the race after so for sure it will take time whatever the decision will be."
While Lotus owner Gerard Lopez has expressed confidence that the team's star asset will ultimately commit his future to the Enstone team he first joined in 2012, Raikkonen reiterated that he was content to hold fire on any formal discussions.
He did add, however, that if it came to it he didn't imagine any problems with any contract renewal with Lotus.
"I'm not in a hurry. Obviously if I was desperate for a contract I would probably have already tried to sign next year as well last year. But like I said I try to do my work well and if I do it well I'm sure I will get the contract if I want," he added.
"I'm sure if we want to make a contract in the end together it will be very easy. Certainly you have to get it right and that's it. I don't really think we have to sit down every day and discuss it because nothing's changed, the decision has to come from me and I've not made any decisions."
Although not keen to look too far into the future, Raikkonen did acknowledge why his future moves were of particular interest this year - although made clear that he and his management team weren't out to make headlines.
"There are not many top, top drivers that don't have a contract [for next year] so obviously I'm probably the only one of those," he acknowledged.
"There are some contracts that will end next year. Like I said, I don't have a contract and so it's normal that [rumours] happens and even if you have a contract there are rumours that will still go round, so it's a very normal situation in Formula 1.
"It's not me or my manager who will create the stories, obviously it comes from the other side of the table."

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