So many ways to begin. As we draw nearer to Christmas and the end of 2012, we’ll pause and take a moment to reflect on our year before throwing ourselves back into the full flow of 2013 and the task ahead. Enstone is busy, a new car is about to be born, and the factory never sleeps.

It’s been a year to remember; some serious highs and lows, and some moments that will go down in history (Kimi getting lost in Interlagos, Kimi’s ‘Leave me alone’ radio transmission, our 500th race as the Enstone outfit… To name a few.) The Iceman returned and did not disappoint. We regularly scored podiums with both Romain and Kimi. We’ve had our first win in Abu Dhabi since 2008, a moment that we were able to share with you. And that’s what it’s all about – we are a team and you are a part of it, so we wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you.

From getting involved in projects such as the E20 Papercraft, to creating our Christmas card, to just replying to us on Twitter or Facebook or sharing photos with us on Instagram, or letting us know what you really think, our team expands beyond the walls of Enstone. We’ve been involved with some pretty spectacular events this year – from linking up with Linkin Park, to working with some Angry Birds, from being a piece of the Star Wars venture and making a few ‘Friends’ along the way. You could say the Dark Knight did indeed rise again. And there’s so much more to come. The amount of response and interaction we have had from all our fans, from all over the world, means an enormous amount and we are happy to be able to have shared this part of our story with you.
So thank you. Thank you for all your support, and here’s to 2013 and the next chapter in our adventure.
From everyone in Enstone, we wish you a very happy holiday and a fantastic New Year.

Fonte:Lotus F1 Team

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