Welcome Home – Back at Enstone with Kimi

After a busy weekend at the British Grand Prix, the Iceman took time out to visit the team’s Enstone factory and catch up with the men and women behind his fight for victory…

As is to be expected of a former Formula 1 World Champion, Kimi Räikkönen is a man very much in demand. With engineers’ briefings, fitness training and a host of media requests to juggle – let alone the commitments of a race weekend – spare time is a rare pleasure.
With that in mind, it came as somewhat of a surprise for the Lotus F1 Team crew back at Enstone when the Finn came strolling into the factory at lunch time today; less than twenty four hours since the chequered flag had dropped at Silverstone the day before.
Taking in a tour of the entire facility, Kimi made time to chat with anyone and everyone who crossed his path; posing for pictures, signing autographs and even fitting in a quick game of darts!
Check out what the man himself had to say about his day back at base below, in addition to quotes from some highly enthusiastic team members and a slideshow tour of the Iceman’s route around Enstone:
“It was nice to be here and to see all the people who work on the car away from the circuit. It’s a really nice place to be; the atmosphere is really relaxed but you can see people are giving 100% to their work. It’s not like some of the other teams; if has more of a home sort of feeling and I’m happy with that.”
Gavin Bolton / Barry FFrance-Aiston, Suspension Clean Room:
“It was great to meet Kimi, he seemed really chilled out and it always lifts our spirits having one of the drivers take the time to come round and meet everyone. It’s a strange feeling; watching someone in the car on one day then shaking their hand the next! Best of luck to him for the rest of the season; hopefully he can keep up the good work!”
Craig Ward / David Gillett, Machine Shop:
“It’s good to have the chance to meet Kimi properly, especially just after our home race at Silverstone where a lot of us were there cheering the team on. He looked really relaxed and took a genuine interest in what we had to say which meant a lot. Fingers crossed him or Romain can get that win soon…”
James Robinson, Sponsorship Acquisition:
“I’ve met Kimi during Grand Prix weekends before where he’s totally focused, but here he’s much more relaxed. It’s nice to see that side of him”

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