Saturday in Hockenheim – On Track With Kimi

After flying to the top of the times in the dry conditions of Q1, the remaining qualifying sessions here at Hockenheim were a little more frosty for the Iceman. With no rain forecast for tomorrow’s race however, Kimi is confident he has the speed and the car to work his way back to the front…

Kimi, quickest in Q1 but not quite what you must have hoped for in Q3; give us your view on today’s session

We have a very quick car here in the dry, but for some reason we can’t seem to find the grip in the wet at the moment. We’ve had the same issue in the past but we’ve always found a way to change the setup and make it better. I’m not sure exactly why, but it’s been a bit more difficult here to get the downforce we need when the rain comes.

Conditions looked pretty difficult out there; how did it feel inside the car?

It was really tricky; too slippery for the intermediates and even on the full wets we had aquaplaning. We put a new set on at the end to try something different but it was so slippery I just couldn’t seem to find enough grip and had to back off a bit.

The forecast is dry for tomorrow’s race; do you feel confident of moving forward?

We’re not starting in the best position but the car works well here and I’ve been happy with it all weekend in the dry. Hopefully we can get a good start, a clean first lap and make up a few places quickly. It’s one of the easiest tracks to overtake people, so let’s see what we can do.

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